The Velveteen Goddess Skirt

You may remember me mention the custom skirts I am busy working on at the moment, well this is one of them. To be honest, custom work makes me nervous, I find it quite stressful. When I am sewing to sell I can start in one place and end up in another and it doesn’t matter. With custom sewing there is a client, who is usually also a friend or at the least an acquaintance, whose vision I am charged to bring to life. There are expectations of how the product will look and feel. Sometimes the fabric does not want to work a certain way and when that happens plans need to shift, which can be disappointing if its not what you had envisioned.

I was approached by a friend, who also happens to be the talented woman who looks after my dreads, to make her some funky skirts. We chatted over text and in meets together nutting out what she wanted. The brief for this skirt was a full length wrap skirt in earthy maroons and reds with a voluptuous goddess on the front. After deciding on fabrics and designs I set to work.
For this skirt I was out of my comfort zone on two fronts. I was working with velveteen, a fabric I have only used once before and the skirt was to be ankle length and all my skirts to length have been about knee length.
I have to say I do love velveteen. It is such a rich feeling fabric and reminds me of decadence somehow. It also has a slight stretch to it which I love. I found it quite easy to work with in the end and think I will be incorporating it into more of my skirts in the future.

Skirt before hemming and straps

I also changed the pattern a little making the straps slightly wider after some suggestions from previous clients. If the full length skirt works I will definitely consider making more in the future.

Finished skirt


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