A Trio of Trees

My tree design, based loosely on the tree of life, is by far the most popular of all the designs I applique. It is the most requested, the first to sell and the most intricate. Each individual tree is always different. Although I work from my own basic, hand drawn template I always make sure I change the shape of the branches, the number of twigs and of course the fabric so that each is unique. Having said that you can still plainly see that they were done by the same person.
About a month ago I finally got to work on three different tree skirts for three amazing and wonderful women whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on my journey.

The Trio

The green skirt is a full length wrap around skirt.

I was inspired to make this tree of a womanly shape, I wonder if you can see her hidden in there?

The purple tree skirt has an elasticated waist and is knee length

The colours in this one are wonderful. Truth be told, if it wasn’t a custom order it may well have ended up in my cupboard.

As for the maroon skirt….

it is destined to be a wrap around skirt. It will be finished very soon. My dear friend, this is a gentle *nudge* from me to find your tape measure 🙂


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