A Lotus of Love

My very best friend has just had her second baby. So, as part of my gift to her I wanted to give her something special, made by me, in a design I had never done before. She gave me a few ideas for designs and this is what I decided on

Quinn Testing the Mei Tai for me

The mei tai has lightly padded green cord straps, with a main body of appliqued deep purple cord on one side and a funky cotton print on the other. The applique is of an opening white lotus flower and lilly pad with a dragon fly above.

Full shot of the applique panel

The lotus is the most intricate applique I have attempted. It involved cutting out and then stitching on each individual petal, one by one. The hardest part was making sure the outer petals were stitched on at the correct time so they did not give a weird shadowing effect. This involved me cutting and numbering individual pattern pieces and making sure that when laid back together in the prescribed order they looked ‘right’.

Close up of the lotus detail

I am trying to work out a way to include the lotus design in my repertoire, but no others will be as intricate as this very special one. A one of a kind made for a very special, one of a kind, woman.


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  1. Tallula
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 16:34:55

    Oh *sob* how beautiful. I am the luckiest bff in the world. xo

    And it looks even more amazing in real life! I love my mei tai so. Or should I say that Poppi loves her mei tai so….? She is still getting used to being worn but this is our stand out favourite. The one thing I am amazed by is the work that went into the lotus and the entire mei tai. The colours are just perfect. I am blessed to have a dear friend who knows me so well and who has gifted me a stunning piece of art to wear my very special wee woman in.

    Love you. xo


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