~this moment~

{this moment} – Inspired by Soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


how do I love thee?

Master L – I love that he finds a project and sticks with it. This week it is pirate skulls and cross bones. He has a notebook which is filled with every imaginable version of a skull and cross bones – happy, sad, angry, with fraying eye patch etc. I love that he will help his little brother when he is trying to point out something or when he falls. I love that before bed he insists on coming in to see me (he sleeps with his dad) and tells me that he loves me (except when he is angry at me for some reason) completely unprompted. I love that he loves Harry Potter and can’t wait to read more but he accepts that he isn’t ready for it just yet. I love that he makes me think, really think! about my answers before I give them when he asks a question. I also love that he feels he can ask me anything about anything and I will answer. I love that he has discovered chess and battleship and wants to play them and get better at them.

Miss Z – I love that when hearing that a friend (who is currently trying for a baby) loved waking up to see her and Mister Q’s toy bubbas on her day bed she told said friend ‘I’ll get you a bubba for your birthday, I’ll get you two’. I love that just before she falls asleep she stretches out her hand to grab mine and says “I love you”. I love that the moment we get home she grabs her baby brother’s hand and says “Bubba’s?” or “Trains?” and engages him to play with her. I love that she cares so much and thinks of others so much that at dinner tonight she said “Can you get me a spoon?” and then looked at me and said “I’ll get it, you need a rest mummy”. I love that we will go for a walk and she will come and grab my hand and smile. I love that she will pick a flower and come and give it to me or daddy just because. I love that when we talk about rainbows she just comes out with “you know what, I think my heart is made of rainbows”

Miss Z

Master Q – I love that he comes up to me when he is tired and puts his face in mine and say “Booby sleep?” when he is tired. I love that if I can see him getting tired and I whisper “Booby sleep?” to him he runs off and closes all the curtains and the ensuite door in our bedroom. I love that if Miss Z does something silly he will say “Zaaaawaaa!” in a sarcastic tone at her. I love that he will stand in his chair at dinner and yell “FUCK!” regardless of who is around (who am I kidding – it was hilarious). I love that he gets such excited pleasure from pointing out each “BUS!” “TRUCK!” and “TWAIN!” on our daily outings. I love that he wants to take his bubba on our outings and that he happily plays bubbas, chooc a choos or ponies with his big sister. I love that he has to wear his ‘jump-tar’ from the moment he gets out of his PJ’s.

Master Q

I love them all, differently, so very much.