A Gift

Just some proof I haven’t given up sewing. I actually unpacked my over locker this week 😉

This was sewn as a gift for the birthday of one Miss Zara’s friends.

Ladybirds for Miss A


Where am I?

Yes, I’ve been mighty quiet of late. So, where am I? Well, over the last month we have moved south of the border and started settling in to our new home. If you are interested you can read about it here: towards a dream. I am hoping to have time sometime soon, once the boxes are all unpacked and we have found our rhythm, to do some more sewing and then start selling my wares again. Hopefully sooner than later 😀

Friday Photo

~this moment~

{this moment} – Inspired by Soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Was Harry Potter homebirthed?

As I was watching Deathly Hallows today, in particular the scene where Harry and Hermione arrive in Godric’s Hollow, it struck me that Harry Potter must have been homebirthed. Indeed most, if not all the non-muggleborn wizards and witches in JK Rowling’s magical world must have been homebirthed.
Before I proceed I should add a disclaimer, although I am a fan of Harry Potter this is not one of those well researched, scholarly type posts by someone who knows every last detail about the world that Jo Rowling created. I discovered Harry Potter after the release of Order of the Phoenix after much prodding by a number of friends that I would enjoy the series. By the time Deathly Hallows was released I was standing in the bookstore for the release and vividly remember sitting on the pavement on the walk back to the car reading the first chapter, because I couldn’t wait.
So, Harry and homebirth. In particular, the scene that made me jump to this conclusion is where Harry and Hermione arrive in Godric’s Hollow and Harry says “I was born here” to Hermione.

Of course that statement, on its own, means nothing. Although the fact that Godrics Hollow is described as a ‘village’ seems to infer that there would be no hospital. We also know, from Order of the Phoenix, that the wizarding hospital St Mungo’s doesn’t deal with birth. The wards that St Mungo’s hosts are all decidedly magical: artefact accidents, creature-induced injuries, magical bugs, potion and plant poisoning and spell damage.
Add to this Ron Weasley’s quote from Order of the Phoenix “‘Doctors?’ said Ron, looking startled.’Those Muggle nutters that cut people up? Nah, they’re healers.'” and it seems clear that there is no place for an obstetrician or a caesarean in Harry’s (or is that Rowling’s?) world.
It seems fitting to me to imagine Molly Weasley,

safe in The Burrow surrounded by her family birthing Ginny with her boys and husband watching and the presence of a ‘healer’, or perhaps none at all (not to mention the fact that she had also birthed her twin boys, Fred and George, at home before that). And where else would Tonks birth her junior werewolf, but at home in the present of her husband Remus.
Of course, given that I am a homebirther herself maybe I am colouring the facts. But consider this. From the information I have gleaned in my extensive research on the interwebs (that is, five whole minutes on google) JK Rowling is herself a homebirther. So, it stands to reason she sees homebirth as the ‘norm’ and treats it as such.
Whatever the case may be, and we may never know unless Jo Rowling releases that elusive tome describing all the back story to that magical world that so many love, even the smallest chance that homebirth is a part of the magical realm that is Harry Potter, makes me love it even more. So to JK Rowling I say “Thankyou!” and to those of you who have read this far I say “What do you think?”.

Friday Photo


In the years to come, when people ask me when my dreams became reality I will tell them it was last week, the first time I walked through the front door of the home we are currently buying. You see, it wasn’t up until last week that I had been inside the property. The reasons why? Well that’s a long story, so pull up a comfy chair :).
We have been looking for the perfect property for about six months. We knew the area we wanted to buy in and had even put one property under contract, which I can now say fortunately fell through. Funnily enough, only I had seen that previous property before we put in an offer. So, the last three months, after that property fell through, have seen us traveling down south every weekend to traipse around all number of varied properties. Some were too big, too small, some had lush pastures but irreparably run down houses, some had lovely houses but not enough land, no creek. Basically, the kids were sick of the constant road trip, DP and I were sick of the whingeing and, to be totally honest, we thought this particular property was a long shot at best. You see, this particular property was one of the first properties I saw on the internet when we first started narrowing down an area. It was a property that was gorgeous and WAY out of our price range. But it was always in the background as a benchmark.
The previous week we had seen a property which was passable. The house was great but there was barely enough land and no creek. However, we felt the pressure of a deadline. We wanted to be in our new home before the new school year so that Zara could start school without disruption and hopefully before the end of this year so Leo could have some time at his new school before his little but much more outgoing sister started.
So DP took the drive and saw the property. When he came back we discussed all the pros and cons, the money we could afford and what we should do. DP said that the property was “special” and coming from him that is a lot (he tends to see the cons and not the pros). So we decided to make a low one time offer, at the maximum we could afford and then when that was rejected we would offer on the property with the nice house but no creek and very little land. The offer was made on monday morning. Tuesday came and no answer, we began to wonder. If they hadn’t rejected it out of hand, maybe they were truly considering it. Either that or they were so disgusted it didn’t rate an answer! On Wednesday we got our answer. To our total and utter shock, and the agents as well, they had accepted our offer. Now we were to begin the process of buying our dream property……that I had never seen.
Understandably, DP was worried. So, the following weekend we drove down to walk around the bottom of the property and look at the creek (!!!) so I could get a feel for it.

I loved it! It had everything and if DP was happy with the house then I was too. But over the coming weeks it became apparent that 1.He was still worried I wouldn’t be happy there and 2. He wasn’t very observant (he he). I was beginning to have trouble picturing myself in a new place without having seen it. Plus, most of my questions, were there built ins? Was there a chook run? What were the gardens like? And so on were met with “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know”. After waiting until the contract was unconditional (so as not to stress the people selling that we might be having second thoughts) we arranged for myself and the kids to go and take a look through.
The moment I drove along the driveway, along the ridge from the road to the house I began to feel the excitement that had been lacking up until now. The first thing I saw were the fruit and nut trees lining the driveway. The fact that there was citrus was easily apparent from the oranges, lemons and limes fruiting on the trees. There were also a number of other trees which the agent and I later determined to be macadamia, pecan, peach and pear with a few yet to be determined. Next I saw the three bay compost near the three sectioned chook run (great! two less things to build) with cemented edging to keep the dingoes out. I steeled myself for the house. DP had been talking it down for a while now and had openly said he was worried I wouldn’t like it. I walked through the car port (beside the big double garage – destined to be our workshop and brewery) past the entertaining area (with grape trellis, small vegetable garden and barbecue) dragged the kids past the play equipment (a homemade cubby house and swings) to look at the house. I took out my notepad and began making notes. In the kitchen there is a pantry as well as ample cupboards. A brand new slow combustion stove (one of the few new things in the house, most of it is made from recycled timbers) heats the water as well as being used for cooking and heating in the house during the winter. The rooms are lovely and big. It is simple, but it is all I need and, for that matter want. After looking through the house (yes there are built-in wardrobes, in every room) we surveyed the huge vegie patch, the kids tested the cubby house, we tasted some orange and then drove down to look again at the creek. Just before we left the agent asked Zara to choose a black or red sold sticker to put on the for sale sign, it was cheesy but perfect too. I drove away barely containing my excitement and as soon as I had mobile service I texted DP to tell him how much I loved it.
So, I have finally found the excitement and with it my motivation. There is a picture in my head of where it is we are going and what awaits us. I still have moments of “what are we doing?” but mostly I can’t wait to get there and start the work that is our dream. I really don’t have to wait that long, 11 sleeps to go……

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