Some Custom Items and Some Crowns

Hello out there in the blogosphere. It has been sometime since writing and sharing what I have been up to. There has been plenty of sewing and both my Facebook page and Etsy page are now being regularly updated.
For those of you who may have missed some of my latest creations, here they are 😀

Advent Calender

Insulated reusable lunch bag

Corduroy bag with fleece flowers

Mini mermaid with fish friend

Full circle polka dot skirt

Full circle dolphin tie dye skirt

Dolphin skirt, reworked into a dress

A few of the most recent crowns

Oriental dragon cloak with velcro fastener

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The Purple Flower Mandala and “Autumn Tree of Life” Mei Tai’s

Finally they are finished! Here they are.

Reversible “Purple flower mandala” mei tai ($10 from this sale will be donated to Batten’s Disease Research)

Made of thin wale corduroy, internal structure of drill for strength. Two flowers appliqued on lilac cord on one side and a cotton flower mandala print on the other.

Straps are rich burgundy with light padding on the waist and shoulders.

Measurements: Body Height 40cm – Width 36cm – Strap lengths – 180cm. More than happy to answer any questions 🙂

Reversible “Autumn Tree of life” mei tai SOLD($15 from this sale will be donated to Batten’s Disease Research)

Made of thin wale corduroy, internal structure of drill for strength. “Autumn Tree of Life” applique on red cord on one side and a autumn cord print on the other.

Straps are chocolate brown with light padding on the waist and shoulders.

Measurements: Body Height 42cm – Width 36cm – Strap lengths – 180cm. Again happy to answer any questions 🙂

If you don’t wish to contact me by reply post you can email me at

The shop is OPEN!

That’s right. I am shaking in my boots but my etsy shop has officially opened it’s doors…..eeep!
So, its all new to me and its taken me a good part of the day to sort out everything, but I think I got there in the end. Its amazing how nerve wracking the process has been. So now I get to sit…..and wait. Please go have a look and tell me what you think!
My etsy shop – zaleoqui

In other news I started working on a mei tai today from the purple mandala material featured in this bag:

It’s looking lovely and hopefully with DP home for a few days it may get sewn quicker than usual.

Waiting, waiting

Yes, I’m going quietly insane. Well, maybe not so quietly, but anyway…..

So, I have been sewing, sewing, sewing. I have a bunch of bags ready to be assembled and sold once my labels arrive. Unfortunately the woman making my labels was very ill and then her machine broke down so still with the waiting! Not her fault, but very annoying.
Anyway, I thought I would do a kind of preview of these works in progress to whet your appetites.

This first bag is fully assembled and gives a good idea of how they work. The bags are what I call inside-out bags, in that they can be reversed and used whichever way suits your mood. They also all have cord as part of the body to give the bag structure and strength.
I love this butterfly design, both the fabric and the applique seem to work well together.

Butterfly applique pocket

This is the reverse, a bit more toned down but still lots of butterflies.

Butterfly reverse

This unfinished bag isn’t really to my taste with the hot pink and black being very striking (I’m more of an earthy colours type), but I know plenty of people who do like it so thought I would give it a go.
The applique on this one is interesting as it uses both cotton and fleece, making it lovely and tactile.

Hot flowers

The strips hanging down beside each of the bags are the straps that will be attached once the labels arrive!

Hot flowers reverse

I really like this fabric, I made a couple of christmas presents using it matched with a dark burgundy cord, the light mauve makes it a bit brighter though.

Mauve flowers

Mauve flowers applique pocket

A rare spotlight find! I am also contemplating making a basic mei tai with this and a dark burgundy cord.

Funky mauve

Funky mauve reverse

I couldn’t decide on an applique for this one. Being so busy I figured the material could stand on its own. I really love this material and am going to go buy some more to make Miss 4 a retro style dress or shirt. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d be making myself one.

Psychedelic on black

Psychedelic on black in reverse

And finally the applique panel for the mei tai I am going to make.
I plan for the mei tai to have lovely chocolate chord straps and the reverse panel will be an autumn themed cord (can you tell I love corduroy?).

Mei Tai panel work in progress

So there you have it, there are lots of other things in the works, including some bags made using upcycled materials and wrap around skirts for kids and mummas.
Hope you enjoyed the preview 🙂

PS If anyone wants to give me tips on photographing my wares (apart from the fact that ironing them first would be good) please feel free!

Living Doll

Well, not quite. As I am waiting for labels before I launch my etsy shop I thought I would share some of my past creative sewing starting with my dolls. They were inspired by the dolls found at Dancing Rain Dolls, a link to which is shown on the right hand side of my page.

The first doll I made was for my dear daughters fourth birthday. It was a labour of love, with a steep learning curve as I learnt not only doll making but crocheting just so I could finish it. But I think she turned out ok in the end.

My first doll effort

As you can see, she seems to have a perpetual scowl and one leg is slightly skew if.

For xmas I then decided to embark on the ambitious project of four doll (yes, I know, what WAS I thinking??!!). A mermaid doll for my daughter and one for her best friend, plus a doll for each of my boys. The mermaid dolls were much easier than the normal people dolls and I got them done with a few days to spare.

Sister mermaids

My eldest’s doll was completed in the car on the way to our in-laws for christmas.

Big boy doll

Unfortunately my youngest received a bald doll for xmas 😦 Not that he cared mind you. About a month later I managed to finish his doll, complete with crazy red hair just like his.

Crazy red hair doll

He loves his doll, he often grabs it and makes it dance, for nothing more than the pure joy of it 😀

My latest doll was a gorgeous mermaid princess for my niece’s fifth birthday. I am very proud of her. Unlike the other dolls she has fixed arms, as opposed to moveable arms, which should withstand more grabbing and tugging. I’m still not sure what I rather to be honest, but these arms were certainly easier.

Princess Mermaid

I really enjoy the way the dolls come to life as I make them. The hair in particular makes such a huge difference. Although everyone seems to say they appear to have dreads! (Just like me hehe….)