A last minute gift

On saturday morning I woke to one of those moments where you suddenly remember what that thing was that you were supposed to do all week. We were going to the birthday party of two girls from my kids class at school and, in the business of the past week, I had somehow forgotten presents.
I decided to try my hand at some felt crowns for the girls figuring I could do them in the couple of hours before the party and have time to dash to town if it didn’t work. I had rediscovered some felt in a box over the week. I hunted down a couple of buttons and started figuring out a configuration.

Colours and shapes

I was under instruction to “make a purple one for E (Zara’s best friend)”, so that made figuring out what colour with what a bit easier. Unfortunately the felt I have is rather short which limited the design a bit and for the sake of time I opted to use elastic to hold it in place.

I was really happy with the end result, considering they were a first go and made under time pressure. I now have orders for one each for my kids too 🙂

M's Crown modelled by Zara

E's Crown modelled by Quinn

Thankfully the birthday girls loved them too and they were worn for the entire day. Overall a success!

Disclaimer – Sorry about the mess in the photos, but that is what happens to my house when I am busy sewing.