Some Custom Items and Some Crowns

Hello out there in the blogosphere. It has been sometime since writing and sharing what I have been up to. There has been plenty of sewing and both my Facebook page and Etsy page are now being regularly updated.
For those of you who may have missed some of my latest creations, here they are 😀

Advent Calender

Insulated reusable lunch bag

Corduroy bag with fleece flowers

Mini mermaid with fish friend

Full circle polka dot skirt

Full circle dolphin tie dye skirt

Dolphin skirt, reworked into a dress

A few of the most recent crowns

Oriental dragon cloak with velcro fastener

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Life and Change

I have been a bit distracted by life of late. You see we are planning a ‘tree-change’. We are going to leave our city life to go live in a small rural community and attempt to grow as much of our own food as we can. My partner will still be working 6mths of the year under our current plan, but the other 6 months will be at home. Our children will go to the small local public school, as opposed to their non-local small independent one. It is a big leap. We will be leaving behind comfort, friends and convenience. We have done leaps before (our biggest was moving to Ireland when neither of us had ever been there when I was 7wks pregnant with our second child), so most people just nod and smile at this point. We have decided after talking and dreaming for a year that now is the time to do it, so we are taking the steps to make it happen. We are selling our ridiculous brand new four wheel drive to buy a cheaper, second hand work horse style car and are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market.
However, in the midst of this and our normal busy daily life I have been playing with some ideas for designs ad in the absence of anything new that I have actually made here they are.
These first two would be for a child’s skirt.

Turtle dreaming

Beautiful bug

The goddess below will be for anything really – I already have her on an apron shirt I made 3yrs ago, she is lovely.


Then there is the tree goddess. I will definitely be making a bag with her on. Not sure about a skirt…

Wild tree woman

Lastly this is a really simple design but I see it on skirts and mei tai’s.

Lovely leaf

I also have two mermaids on the way. They are a bit further along than pictured as they now have heads!

Mermaids on the way