Some Custom Items and Some Crowns

Hello out there in the blogosphere. It has been sometime since writing and sharing what I have been up to. There has been plenty of sewing and both my Facebook page and Etsy page are now being regularly updated.
For those of you who may have missed some of my latest creations, here they are 😀

Advent Calender

Insulated reusable lunch bag

Corduroy bag with fleece flowers

Mini mermaid with fish friend

Full circle polka dot skirt

Full circle dolphin tie dye skirt

Dolphin skirt, reworked into a dress

A few of the most recent crowns

Oriental dragon cloak with velcro fastener

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I’m wondering where mine has gone. It seems to ebb and flow a lot of late. Last two weeks I have been going at a cracking pace with sewing projects, cooking and craft plus housework. But this week the motivation is, well gone. I look at the half finished pile of skirts (who am I kidding, they’re not even half finished) and I can’t get excited. I look at the boxes half unpacked that need packing and think “meh, not today”. Thankfully I seem to be on top of the housework, for the moment, touch wood. I wish I could find my motivation though, because those skirts will be lovely when they’re finished, and if I don’t get into them now they won’t be even looked at until next year! Did I mention we’re moving in 3 weeks?

The Pirate Shirt

A couple of weeks ago, when I was in a flurry of sewing for my first ever market, Leo decided that he really wanted to learn to sew. He was adamant he would sew a shirt first because thats what he wanted. Luckily I have a spare machine which a good friend kindly dropped back to me, after I had lent it to her, so Leo was able to have his own machine and his own work space while I kept going with my sewing. We took ourselves to Spotlight when they had their 20% off sale and, using his own pocket money, Leo bought some brown fabric, some black fabric and some gold thread. As soon as we got home he set to work using a favourite t-shirt to work out what pieces of material he would need. I am surprised at how much of my garment deconstruction and construction he has picked up just from watching me working around him and the other kids.
He then pinned it all together and after we had a discussion about which order to do the sewing, his attentions turned to the sewing machine. He intently watched me fill the bobbin and then thread the machine (something which he now does himself, except for the needle) and then he was off testing different stitches and lengths.
In no time he was on to sewing his shirt, you can see from the picture his intense concentration.


I was surprised how long he kept at it. We had to move the machine from the kitchen table to his desk so he could continue as soon as he finished his dinner. The next day was more sewing. In the entire time the only “help” I gave him was some unpicking, untangling and rethreading. He also asked me to sew on the skull (“and ONLY the skull!”) as it was “a bit tricky”. I have to say I was so damn proud of his effort.
Here is the almost finished product

Front view

As you can see, my scraps were also raided for some further embellishments.

Back view

I have been asked to fix the neckline up a bit and adjust the arms, so once that is done I hope to get some pics of the creator wearing his creation.

As for my sewing, after the flurry of sewing for the market (which I will post about soon) I am trying to get into sewing a mei tai for a friend. It is made out of beautiful bamboo fabric, which is a lot more expensive than I am used to working with. It is also a different style, so I guess I am here procrastinating………..

A Sewing Kind of Mood

I don’t know why but the last few days all I want to do is sew, sew, sew. Its strange because I’ve just been doing a bit here and there over the last few weeks, but now I’m really enthusiastic and getting right into it.
My latest was a jumper (pronounced “jump-tar” by Master Q) for my little red head. I patterned it off one of Miss Z’s favourite jumpers. He loves it and asked to wear it the moment he woke up this morning, so I call that a win.

I’m now working on a celtic themed table runner for my mum’s birthday (ssh, don’t tell her!). As usual I am winging it, with no pattern and probably doing it all wrong, we’ll see how it turns out over the week. I’m using my favourite fabric of corduroy in a black as the main body and a collection of green batiks for the pattern’s.

What else is going on? Well, my partner spent all weekend rebarking our gardens, so we are another step closer to putting the house on the market Yay!) However, we had only one caller about the ridiculous 4WD and he was a time waster (boo!)

In etsy news I have just put up a banner that I made about 3 years ago which had been lost at a friends house (long story). It is a woman goddess and would be great for blessingways as it has a large area left intentionally blank to be decorated with paints or pens. It is pictured below but you can see it in my etsy shop here: wall hanging

The mermaid is slowly coming along, I am about half way through crocheting the cap for her hair. I find this the lowest part of the process, but can’t wait to get to the point of actually threading the hair on as the doll really transforms then.

Life and Change

I have been a bit distracted by life of late. You see we are planning a ‘tree-change’. We are going to leave our city life to go live in a small rural community and attempt to grow as much of our own food as we can. My partner will still be working 6mths of the year under our current plan, but the other 6 months will be at home. Our children will go to the small local public school, as opposed to their non-local small independent one. It is a big leap. We will be leaving behind comfort, friends and convenience. We have done leaps before (our biggest was moving to Ireland when neither of us had ever been there when I was 7wks pregnant with our second child), so most people just nod and smile at this point. We have decided after talking and dreaming for a year that now is the time to do it, so we are taking the steps to make it happen. We are selling our ridiculous brand new four wheel drive to buy a cheaper, second hand work horse style car and are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market.
However, in the midst of this and our normal busy daily life I have been playing with some ideas for designs ad in the absence of anything new that I have actually made here they are.
These first two would be for a child’s skirt.

Turtle dreaming

Beautiful bug

The goddess below will be for anything really – I already have her on an apron shirt I made 3yrs ago, she is lovely.


Then there is the tree goddess. I will definitely be making a bag with her on. Not sure about a skirt…

Wild tree woman

Lastly this is a really simple design but I see it on skirts and mei tai’s.

Lovely leaf

I also have two mermaids on the way. They are a bit further along than pictured as they now have heads!

Mermaids on the way

The Purple Flower Mandala and “Autumn Tree of Life” Mei Tai’s

Finally they are finished! Here they are.

Reversible “Purple flower mandala” mei tai ($10 from this sale will be donated to Batten’s Disease Research)

Made of thin wale corduroy, internal structure of drill for strength. Two flowers appliqued on lilac cord on one side and a cotton flower mandala print on the other.

Straps are rich burgundy with light padding on the waist and shoulders.

Measurements: Body Height 40cm – Width 36cm – Strap lengths – 180cm. More than happy to answer any questions 🙂

Reversible “Autumn Tree of life” mei tai SOLD($15 from this sale will be donated to Batten’s Disease Research)

Made of thin wale corduroy, internal structure of drill for strength. “Autumn Tree of Life” applique on red cord on one side and a autumn cord print on the other.

Straps are chocolate brown with light padding on the waist and shoulders.

Measurements: Body Height 42cm – Width 36cm – Strap lengths – 180cm. Again happy to answer any questions 🙂

If you don’t wish to contact me by reply post you can email me at

The shop is OPEN!

That’s right. I am shaking in my boots but my etsy shop has officially opened it’s doors…..eeep!
So, its all new to me and its taken me a good part of the day to sort out everything, but I think I got there in the end. Its amazing how nerve wracking the process has been. So now I get to sit…..and wait. Please go have a look and tell me what you think!
My etsy shop – zaleoqui

In other news I started working on a mei tai today from the purple mandala material featured in this bag:

It’s looking lovely and hopefully with DP home for a few days it may get sewn quicker than usual.

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