The shop is OPEN!

That’s right. I am shaking in my boots but my etsy shop has officially opened it’s doors…..eeep!
So, its all new to me and its taken me a good part of the day to sort out everything, but I think I got there in the end. Its amazing how nerve wracking the process has been. So now I get to sit…..and wait. Please go have a look and tell me what you think!
My etsy shop – zaleoqui

In other news I started working on a mei tai today from the purple mandala material featured in this bag:

It’s looking lovely and hopefully with DP home for a few days it may get sewn quicker than usual.


Inspiration and frustration

Yes, yes, the bags are on their way. I have actually finished all the ones in the previous post and a few extras! Now if the sun would just come out for some photography and I could get some time on the computer when it wasn’t stupid o’clock.

At the moment my head is swimming with inspirationt. I have ideas for satchel/messenger bags, for different yet practical mei tais, for gorgeous womens and kids skirts in beautiful fabrics, coats and all manner of delectable goddess delights. But the lack of time/space is frustrating. I am also struggling with guilt. Here I am at home looking after my family, I know these years with my wee people will pass oh so quickly, I don’t want to miss those precious moments. There will be time later……but will there really? So, I take a moment here, a moment there, to create, to have passion and then I can enjoy those moments just a little more.